Ginbrookes Webs

What does a single tradesman or SME really need in a website ?

WordPress is OK but even the download is 9.1 MB before you start, then there is the theme, seemingly loads of plugins, a complicated busy dashboard with a multitude of confusing settings and so on.

Depending on your requirements to give you a Metaphor, it can be a bit like taking a juggernaut to drive around the corner to buy a pint of milk.

For tradesmen and SME 's we have coded a very light Content Management System with user interface, so that you can get on with what matters.Once a website has been site up the main on going work will be to submit blogs, where you can talk about how you solved a problem where others could not, or give advice. Then its a matter of moderating comments from visible to visible.

Using our Light Control Content management system you login to access blog submit page and so on.

We also can produce single page websites arrange hosting, domain names and so on at competitive rates