Natural & Organic Beauty Products

Ginbrookes makes a range of quality handmade hair and skin care products by carefully selecting and blending natural plant oils & butters.

The properties that natural resources such as Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter possess, were recognised long ago in Ghana where the Shea and Cocoa Trees grow and Ghanaians have been using both butters for all the benefits they provide.

We create our own products from scratch using blends of butter not only Shea Butter, but also the best ingredients that nature can provide. In our blends we also use Essential oils for added benefit. We are providing unique and simple blends without the usual long list of chemicals that you don't recognise.

Ginbrookes are proud to not only use high quality ingredients but also only certified natural fair traded & organic ingredients , which help small farmers & communities such as in Ghana .

Our Ethos is that if you would not be happy to eat ingredients with chemicals then why would you put them on your skin? So our products are free from Peg, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance & colours. Our products are also suitable for vegans.

We say " Be Natural & Love Nature" and to help the environment we only use PET bottles & jars, so that they can be recycled .

One of us is a native Ghanaian and all of the team has spent time in Ghana, where we set up an NGO that ginbrookes supports in order to help & transform the lives of poor children. An insight to our involvement can be seen here: Foundation